2 Oz Rainbow Dichroic Coarse Frit On Clear- 90 COE

$41.95 USD
Item# CFRB1
Availability: Expected to be available November 16, 2020. Subject to change. Pre-order now!

Product Features

  • Premium CBS dichroic coating covers a remarkable 80% of the frit surface area
  • Rainbow coating provides a variety of colors to create with
  • 90 COE

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Product Description

Imagine the Possibilities
CBS rainbow dichroic coating covers a remarkable 80% of the frit surface area, a percentage unmatched by similar products in the market. On clear glass frit, particles range from coarse to mosaic frit size. 2 oz. 90 COE.

Cast glass pyramid paper weight created by Delphi artist Melanie Churchill using mold #24661.

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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Love this!
By on
Pros : A fun way to use dichroic. Gives lots of sparkle.
Cons :
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Dichroic Frit on Clear - great stuff!
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Pros : Lots of color, and creates a different look than just fusing squares of different textures and patterns of dichro sheet together. The pieces I make with this are usually big sellers.
Cons : Really works best if you fuse this using two layers of black as a base then a clear coat on top, so it does take a bit more glass than the typical two layer fuse and one extra full fuse cycle in the kiln. I just charge more for the pieces.
Other Thoughts : I work with slabs and then use a ring saw to cut pieces up after and then fire polish them. The way I have found that this product works best for me is to place it on top of two sheets (4x4's for me)of either black or cobalt blue glass (the blue is my favorite), full fuse, then cover with a sheet of clear and full fuse again. This creates the least amount of bubbles and covers up the rough edges that can be left behind if you don't clear cap it. I then cut the slab up with a ring saw and fire polish to finish. The pieces are beautiful!
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5 out of 5 stars
  •   Shine up your work!
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Pros : This is lovely stuff for fusing and lampworking. It's easy to use and gives a marvelous effect of scattered light. It's one of my favorite frits for lampworking - I collect a nice gather of clear glass and smoosh it over a bit of frit on my marver, then paint it onto the bead. The process encases the dichroic bit as I work, eliminating worry for me that I might get gray scum on my bead.
Cons : When fusing, I found that it doesn't melt totally into my work, leaving a textured surface. Sometimes this can be nice, but it's not usually the effect that I want. If you sandwich it, be sure to put some supporting bits of clear glass that are bigger than the frit, or you can find your top glass sliding off the rest.
Other Thoughts : Dichroic is usually better in small amounts. You need to plan ahead if you want to put this in your work, to get the best effects.
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