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24" Saguaro Cactus Lamp Pattern by Worden Lamp System

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Product Description

Add a Touch of Tiffany to Any Room!
Lampshades constructed on Worden System forms are assembled the same way the Tiffany Glass Co. made their famous stained glass shades in the early 1890's. Use the Worden system to construct Tiffany-style shades that will become family heirlooms. Antique Tiffany lampshades were made with opaque glass to mask the light source and reflect beautiful color. See below for Delphi's suggested glass selection to complete this Worden pattern. Delphi has the perfect lamp for you. Select from over 250 outstanding turn-of-the-century Worden lamp designs that are built on 21 different form shapes and sizes.

Step-by-Step: Using the Simple Worden Silicone and Pin System
See step-by-step images below.
1. Use silicone to attach the pattern to reusable form.
2. Cut glass to pattern size and wrap with copper foil. Use glass head pins to hold glass to form. Position glass pieces to pattern as close as possible.
3. Tack solder each piece to every adjacent piece with small mounds of molten solder.
4. Remove all of the pins except the bottom row. Now you are ready to finish soldering.
Project shows Art Nouveau Pattern #C161.

Worden B24-13 Saguaro Cactus pattern has 552 pieces. 24" in diameter, 11" in height. Design repeats 6 times to create shade. Requires #B24 form and 5" vase cap. Pattern pack includes 2 full-size patterns, instructions and glass suggestions with color key to make glass selection easy.