3/4" Durabits Brazed Bond Fine Grinder Bit

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  • Grind faster and with less pressure
  • Rugged stainless steel substrate is resistant to corrosion and damage
  • Patented brazed bond provides optimum diamond exposure and secure retention
  • Ideal for fused glass, the brazed bonded surface won't deposit residue
  • Fits all standard glass grinders with a 5/16" shaft
  • Premium quality bits designed for maximum lifespan

Product Description

Durabits are a premium quality grinder bit that provide smooth results, fast. Stainless steel bits feature a patented brazed bond diamond surface that is made to last for the long haul. The metalurgical bond ensures diamonds won't flake or peel off the bit, and provides optimum exposure of the diamond surface for even grinding. What this means is that you can save wear on your fingertips and grinder because you won't have to apply as much pressure on the glass to get evenly ground edges, and your bit will last and last. In addition, there's no mechanical bonding agents, adhesives or plating to wear off and deposit onto your glass - making these bits the ideal for your fused glass art. Say goodbye to grinder lines for good!

Fine grit diamond. Use fine grit bits for dichroic, mirror and flashed or antique glass - while not as fast for removing large amounts of material quickly, the fine mesh eliminates surface chipping or flaking. 3/4" diameter. Fits all grinders with a standard 5/16" motor shaft.

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