4-1/2" Copper Satin Shimmers Dichroic Coated Mica Decal

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Product Features

  • Made from dichroic coated mica for an exceptional pop of color
  • Create unique designs for fused glass projects - simply cut, apply and fire
  • Measures 4-1/2" square
  • Decals fire between 1350°F and 1400°F

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Product Description

The Dazzle of Dichroic and Mica with the Ease of a Decal
Create stunning fused glass projects with Satin Shimmers Dichroic Coated Mica Decals. The Copper Decal features a rich terracotta color making these decals perfect for adding a bit of flair to your fused art. The unique process used to create these decals gives you an embellishment that is easy to use and provides spectacular results. Dichroic coated mica powders are combined with black enamel to give you color that pops. Simply cut or punch your decal to the desired shape, soak in distilled water, apply, dry and fire. Decals fire between 1350°F and 1400°F with a 10-20 minute hold and measure 4-1/2" square.

Note: When firing the decals, a binder will burn off. Fire decals in a well ventilated area with the lid slightly ajar and the peepholes open until the kiln temperature reaches 1100°F - 1200°F. At that time, close the lid and complete the firing.

For detailed instructions, please see additional images.

Bowl shown by artist Kayleigh Clark. Dish image courtesy of ProFusion Studio.