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5" Diamond Grinding Disk - Fine Grit by Inland

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Product Description

The only disc with a diamond coated outer edge for fast grinding and shaping!
Use this diamond coated disc top for grinding, thinning, shaping and beveling. All Inland discs are inspected for quality before any diamond is applied to insure they will spin properly on the motor shaft. 5" FineGrit diamond grinding disc. Each sold individually.

Product Uses:

  • Use the disc top to straight edge grind and remove flares.
  • Quickly grind and shape using the disc outer edge.
  • Miter and bevel edges for flat and 3-D projects.
  • Perfect for shaping all types of glass, tile, stone, and other hard materials.
  • Improve the fit of your projects for a more finished, professional look.
  • Shape ceramic, tile, and stone for home and hobby projects.
  • Use the FineGrit disc for a finer edge and to reduce chipping on more delicate glass and materials.

    Image above shows the Medium, FineGrit and SuperFine Grit disk. Image courtesy of Inland.

  • Product Details

    • Fits .312" (7.92 mm) arbor
    • TIR
    • .0025" (.0635 mm)