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5mm Pandora Style Bead Inserts - 10 Pair Pack

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Product Description

Quickly and easily make your own custom beads to fit Pandora jewelry with silver plated Pandora style bead inserts. Excellent for special events and gifts that family and friends will love! Insets measures 3mm deep with a 4.82mm insert. Use with 3/16 mandrels for the perfect fit. 10 pair pack.

Bead inserts are easy to install, you can do this 2 ways. The first way being making your bead hole slightly smaller than the insert and then pressing the inserts into the bead with a press. The second way and the most preferred method is by making the bead hole slightly larger than the inside lip of the insert and gluing the inserts in using a glass and metal glue such as Triolyse (#77201).

Note: Don't use Superglue or Epoxy. Superglue can loosen up and can discolor the metal, and epoxy can become brittle over time. Only use a good jeweler's glue or a waterproof household glue that is made for glass and metal. These generally remain flexible and resist discoloring.

Finished bracelet by artist Val Oswalt-De Waard. Finished project shown courtesy of Devardi Glass.

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