Blue Colorant - 16 Oz

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  • Color mosaic projects the perfect shade of blue with mosaic colorant
  • Get a the perfect shade - the more colorant you use the more intense the color
  • Enough to mosaic at approximately 175 mosaic coasters
  • Sold in a 16 oz container

Product Description

Great for coloring MosaicStone Cement, Jennifer's Mosaics Outdoor Cement, grout, and even regular cement. Highly concentrated pigment specially formulated for use with quick-drying cements. This single 16 oz. bottle will color about 175 mosaic coasters, or 550 cups of Outdoor Cement, depending on color intensity (the more you use, the stronger the color). Colorant includes step-by-step instructions.

Stepping stone created by artist Vonnie Davis. Other projects created by artist Melanie Churchill.

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