Cyclone Sandblasting Cabinet With Gun

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  • Wonderful for creating sandblasted cabinet inserts, bathrooms, windows and decorative pieces
  • Compact size makes it perfect for home use while still getting professional results
  • Ideal for working with control in detailed areas and smaller projects
  • Working cabinet dimensions measure 14" h x 22-1/2" w x 18" d
  • Comes fully assembled - which means no abrasive leaks
  • Light source in the cabinet!
  • Made in the USA

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Product Description

You have seen beautiful sandblasted glass, wonderful for cabinet inserts, bathrooms, windows and decorative pieces. Now you can create gorgeous sandblasted art in your own home studio. This sandblaster by Cyclone offers professional results, but at an affordable price.

Small enough for a home workshop, but sturdy enough for repeated studio use. The Sandblaster features a gun that delivers 14 CFM at 80-100 PSI. Additional features include rubber sandblast gloves, a 20" x 16" clear acrylic view window with mylar protection and a safety valve to prevent blaster operation if the window is left open. When it comes to abrasive media, the cabinet is easy to fill, empty and use. 

Includes a standard light bulb socket, giving the user flexibility to choose LED, CFL or incandescent lighting. Comes fully assembled to avoid abrasive media leaks. Additional supplies required for sandblasting include an air compressor and connector (found at tool stores), moisture separator #6ZC63, aluminum oxide #50270, sandblast resist #5534 and an etching knife #5536. For more instruction see Delphi's sandblasting books and DVDs.

Note: Built-in gloves are made of unlined rubber and may contain latex.


Product Details

  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Construction: Thick Polyethylene Plastic
  • Cabinet-Lighting: Single Outlet, US Standard Base, user supplied
  • Electrical Requirements: 110 US Volts
  • Lid Style: Flip Top Opening
  • Gloves: 18" Unlined Rubber
  • Overall Dimensions: 21" (h) x 23.5" (w) x 18.5" (d)
  • Working Dimensions: 14" (h) x 22.5" (w) x 18" (d)
  • Sandblast System Air Requirements: 14 CFM @ 70-100 PSI
  • Sandblaster Operation: Trigger Gun
  • Lid Assist: No Lifts
  • Blast Gun CFM: 14 CFM
  • Has Side Door: No Side Doors
  • View Window: 20" (w) x 16" (h)
  • View Window Protection: Mylar Protection Installed