EZ Fuse Software

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Product Description

Programming Your Kiln is No Longer a Challenge!
EZ Fuse is designed for glass fusing and slumping. It will assist you whether you are a novice or an experienced fuser.

For the novice, EZ Fuse will assist you greatly in understanding and learning how to use your kiln. You can simply enter general information about what you want to make and press a button. EZ Fuse will take care of the hard part for you and figure out your firing schedule. It will display all of the information for the firing along with comments about each step.

When it comes to entering the information into your kilns computer, it is as easy as following the on screen walk through. EZ Fuse will guide you step by step in entering the program. It will show you what is on the controller, and tell you what buttons to push. You can also print the whole firing and walk through out on your printer.

For the experienced Glass Artist, EZ Fuse finally gives you a great way to enter your personal firings and keep them organized. No more scraps of paper and trying to remember how you made something in a special manner.

Use with 90, 96 and 104 COE glass for various types of fuses and slumps.