Four Trees Enamel Decals

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Product Features

  • Fusible decals produce rich results in exquisite detail
  • Ideal for larger designs
  • Works with any COE

Available Substitutes

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Product Description

Four unique designs to choose from!
Fusible decals stay true color when fired, producing rich results in exquisite detail. Pack includes four popular tree designs: the tree of life silhouette, white tree of life, mighty oak and green tree decal. Designs measure approximately 1-1/2" x 1-1/3".

Low fire decals mature between 1034° - 1074° F

Delphi Tip: White decals are printed on a lightly colored sheet pre-fire. To better see where to cut hold decal sheet up to a light and tip slightly or use the included black and white image sheet as a guide. 

Images courtesy of AAE Glass.