Gingerbread Man White Enamel Decal - 2 Pack

seasonal item
This seasonal item is not currently available.

  • White enamel decals stay bold and true-color when fired
  • Designs become permanent and won't scratch or fade after firing
  • Designed to fit gingerbread man pre-cuts
  • Compatible with any COE

Product Description

Create unique fused glass art featuring gingerbread men. White enamel decals are designed to fit gingerbread men pre-cuts (sold separately). These premium waterslide decals are created using extremely fine glass powder, so the color is always rich and true. Because these decals are made from glass, they fire right into any kind of glass work creating a stunning permanent finish that won't scratch or fade. Simply soak decals in water and slide decal off backing paper. Apply the decal directly onto your glass project and soak up any excess water with a paper towel or any other gentle absorbent cloth. For optimum results fire at a low temperature, approximately 1290° F. Gingerbread Men measure 3" long.


  1. Remove waxed paper sheet, and discard.
  2. Soak decal in water until it begins separating from the paper backing.
  3. Carefully remove decal from water and slide onto your glass project.
  4. Gently remove all air bubbles and excess moisture from the decal with a soft cloth.
  5. Let the decals dry overnight to ensure all moisture has evaporated before firing.
  6. Place project in kiln and fire.
  7. Low-Fire decals mature at 1290°F.