GlasClay Antique White Opal - 90 COE

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Product Description

Design Glass Embellishments in 3-D
Break the mold of conventional glass forming techniques and create like never before! Versatile GlasClay is a unique glass medium that can be can be molded, sculpted and carved just like clay. Mix powder with water before use. 50 grams each. Includes instructions. 90 COE.

Inset represents the color of the glass clay after firing. Click on "View User Manual" for instructions.

Delphi recommends using NIOSH approved respirator #5159 when working with glass powder to protect yourself from airborne glass particles.

Step-by-Step: (see images below)

  1. Mix GlasClay powder with distilled water. Kneed and roll to condition. Refrigerate over night.
  2. Recondition clay to remove air bubbles. Create 3-D shapes by hand, with push molds or with with stamps. Allow to dry.
  3. Kiln fire according to manufacturer's directions.

Fused glass plate by Val Oswalt, GlasClay embellishments created by Karina Foster. Second plate project image courtesy of Creative Paradise, created using an EZ Push Mold.