Graphite Tongs

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  • Easily bend glass in your kiln to create custom glass bracelets
  • Made of stainless steel

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Product Description

Use to shape glass around a bracelet mold to create kiln-formed glass bracelets. Bracelets by Jayne Persico from "Kiln Formed Bracelets," book #6664. Image of tongs in use (below) and detailed directions for bracelet making also from "Kiln Formed Bracelets" book.

Step-by-Step: Making Kiln Formed Bracelets

  1. Wrap fiber paper around the mold and secure with copper wire or hi-temp wire.
    Delphi Tip: Add additional layers of fiber if you need to increase the size of the mold slightly for a larger bracelet.
  2. Balance your fused glass bracelet blank on the center of the mold and heat kiln.
  3. Watch the progress of the glass closely as you reach slumping temperatures.
  4. Once the glass is warm and the ends droop, put on high heat kevlar gloves. Open the kiln wide and slide the graphite pads of the tongs down the sides of the bracelet.
  5. Carefully rotate the tongs while applying gentle pressure to snug the ends of the bracelet blank around the bottom of the mold.
  6. Close the kiln and skip to the annealing soak in your program.