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Green Earth Reactive Dry Enamel - 4oz

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Product Features

  • Create with Raku effects as explained in Boyce Lundstrom's books

Product Description

Create incredible Raku effects in your glass art with this Reactive Dry Enamel. Green Earth Reactive Dry Enamel powder can be painted, poured or trailed from an applicator bottle to add dramatic color accents to your art.

Green Earth Reactive Dry Enamel creates unique reactions with copper and copper-bearing metals. This fantastic organic material is just one in a series of materials that can be used together to create unique effects, color reactions and more when used together or paired with copper and other metals in your glass art. 4 oz dry powder.

Mixing Instructions:
Mix Reactive Dry Enamel before you start your project; it may take 35 minutes or longer to fully hydrate the mix.

In a small bowl, begin by mixing 4 TBSP of water per 4 oz of Reactive Dry Enamel and stir. If additional water is needed, continue adding with a dropper or bottle while stirring.

Use and Storage:
Apply Green Earth Reactive Dry Enamel to your project by pouring, painting or trailing from an applicator bottle. Place copper or copper-bearing metal pieces on the wet enamel to create a reaction. The thickness of enamel application and the time of exposure of copper to the liquid enamel will alter the finished color and opacity.

A single 4 oz package of Reactive Dry Enamel often provides enough for multiple projects. If you have mixed more than you plan to use, allow remaining mixture to dry. You can scrape the dry mix from the bowl and return to a storage container to re-hydrate at a later date. Storing Reactive Dry Enamel in a hydrated state will effect its reaction to copper and therefore its color.

Safety and Clean Up:
Wear an appropriate dust and particulate mask when handling dry powders. Use standard studio safety practices and wash your hands often when in your studio. Wash your brush with soap and water after use.

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