Major Bench Burner And Minor Topfire

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  • Ideal for sculptural work requiring a pinpoint flame for detail
  • Dual torch heads offer maximum flexibility
  • Large multi-port torch head is perfect for borosilicate!
  • Control oxygen and propane input to torches independently

Available Substitutes

item: 7329
item: 156303
item: 156304
Hot Head Torch Head
Oxygen Regulator

Product Description

The perfect dual threat torch for people who want to work both soft and hard glass! The lower, major burner is perfect for borosilicate work. The top, minor surface mix torch provides a secondary, lower temperature flame. Controlling the two burners is simple, two sets of valves operate each independently. Both are surface mix burners that can be used with either propane (2-6 psi) and oxygen (5 to 8 psi) or natural gas (.25 to 2 psi) and oxygen (5 to 8 psi). Always use a flashback arrestor (item# 199023) for large torches of this type.