Photographing Arts, Crafts And Collectibles

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Product Features

  • Easy to understand and through guide will have you taking professional looking photography of your art
  • Learn about color theory, lighting techniques, photo software and other ways to improve your picture quality and help you sell more

Product Description

A Must-Have Book for All Artists
The ultimate reference for artisans that want to make a picture perfect first impression. Through the use of straight-forward language, charts, diagrams, and sample photographs, author Steve Meltzer teaches an in-depth course on how to digitally photograph your art.

Learn about the use of lighting, image composition, backgrounds, color theory, equipment and more. Technical jargon is broken down into everyday language making it possible to understand the tools and techniques available to you. This book then takes it a step further by explaining the basics of popular photo editing software. Take your art to the next level by presenting it in professional looking images with the help of this book.

The images below are samples of the fantastic illustrations provided throughout this text. Shown are samples of informative images discussing color theory, lighting and equipment, using software, creating compelling images by selecting appropriate backgrounds and props to demonstrate scale, and a sample of the quality of image you can produce with the right tools and care.

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