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Poinsettia Casting Mold by Creative Paradise

seasonal item
This seasonal item is not currently available.

  • Create custom flower decor you'll enjoy year after year
  • Made from high quality ceramic for countless firings
  • Cast a gorgeous holiday gift or decoration
  • Mold measures 9"; creates a 7" casting

Product Description

Create stunning glass flowers with the Poinsettia Casting Mold. Fill this durable ceramic casting mold with glass frit and scrap glass to create stunning poinsettia castings that can be used as a stand alone center piece, constructed into a flower sculpture with some copper tubing or slumped to make unique dishes. Apply ZYP or casting mold primer before use. Mold measures approximately 8" in diameter creates castings approximately 7" in diameter.

Projects shown by artist Stephanie O'Toole of Creative Paradise.

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