Red, Green And White Glass Candy Cane Rod - 90 COE

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  • Red, green and white cane mimics the look of classic candy canes - perfect for holiday projects
  • Hand-pulled cane is an easy way to add detail to your art
  • Each hand-pulled 12" cane is 4 - 7 mm in diameter
  • Made from premium Bullseye Fusible glass
  • 90 COE

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Product Description

Quick Holiday Ornaments and Gifts
Fun, twisted striped rod looks just like a candy cane! Rods are made from premium Bullseye fusible glass. Even after being taken to a full fuse the pattern on this glass rod doesn't distort! Use them to create festive borders and accents in fused projects, or heat in a flame and bend into the classic peppermint stick shape. Rods measure 12" long. Sold individually. 90 COE.

Holiday bowl and plate created by artist Heidi Smith. "Merry Christmas" plaque created by artist Kayleigh Clark.