Tiffany Gardens Stepping Stone Book Pack

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Product Features

  • Best selling Tiffany Garden books shows you how to create beautiful glass mosaics for your garden
  • Patterns for mosaic stepping stones, tables and bricks give you plenty of creative options
  • Great value when you buy this 2 book pack!

Product Description

Get both best-selling Tiffany Garden full-size mosaic pattern books. Includes full-size stained glass patterns with instructions to make 16" hexagons, 14" rounds, 8" squares and 4" x 8" brick stepping stones.

Pack includes two books, "Tiffany Garden" and "Tiffany Garden II."

  • Tiffany Garden: Use this inspirational book to create beautiful outdoor glass mosaic walkways. Includes a variety of full-size patterns and easy-to-follow instructions. Featured shapes include 16" hexagon and 4" x 8"brick.
  • Tiffany Garden II: Use these full-size patterns to create mosaic tables, stepping stones and bricks. More than 20 designs in 14" round and 8" square shapes. Includes complete instructions for beginning glass cutting, stepping stone and tabletop construction.
Projects above from the authors Jan Bishop and Julie Bishop-Day.