Titan XT Ring Saw

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Product Features

  • Makes the fastest cuts of any ring saw
  • Leaves a smoother finish than ever before!
  • Cut forwards and backwards in glass, tile, ceramic and stone
  • Use to cut pattern bars, slab glass, bottles, vases, rods, blown glass
  • Features the "Mega Blade", eliminating the need for grinding
  • Includes cutting angles

Product Description

Cut Thick Pattern Bars, Bottles, All Types of Thick Glass, Tile and More!
All metal Titan XT is constructed to be both a table saw and a ring saw in one. It is geared toward optimum strength and durability and is the ultimate companion to the Taurus 3 Ring Saw.

Titan XT comes with a magnetically secured sliding carriage tray with over 12 inches of travel. Perfectly straight cuts are now a snap - without scratching glass thanks to the state of the art hook and loop system and the perfect alignment of the tray with the blade.

Three inches of blade exposure, previously unheard of in ring saws, makes this the perfect saw for cutting bottles, vases, bowls, and hard to cut 3 dimensional blown glass shapes in straight lines as well as curved and scooped cuts!

The Titan XT cuts tight curves with classic ring saw performance utilizing a backwards and forwards rotation motion. Although the Titan XTs have their own drive belt, they still use the same popular "Mega Blade" used on the Taurus 3 Ring saw. The "Mega Blade" cuts quickly and smoothly in stained glass, tile, ceramics, stone and a host of other materials. View images below to see the "Mega Blade" in action.

At 12" x 18" it takes up little space in your workshop, and cuts 12 inch tile, glass or stone with smooth precision. The Titan XT runs whisper quiet and only weights 14lbs. When not used as a tile saw, the Titan XT converts to a ring saw capable of the most intricate cuts in hard materials. It also comes with triangles for cutting angels of 45, 90, 30 and 60 degree angles. The Titan XT includes a three year manufacturer warranty.

Also available in 220/240V version. Click Here for pricing and information.

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Product Details

  • Drive Motor: 1/5 horsepower Voltage: 110 volts, 50-60hz Size: 12" x 18" x 11" high Cutting Table: 13-3/4" x 10" Weight: 14 lbs Titan "Mega Blade" and cutting angles included Three year limited warranty (excludes blade)