Triolyse Adhesive

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Product Features

  • Creates an unbreakable bond with materials
  • Sets up in less in 2 minutes and is fully cured in 6 hours
  • When dry, glue is virtually invisible - Great for glass on glass mosaics
  • Adhesive container may not appear full - contains 10 ml
  • Non-toxic

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Product Description

This UV glue is cured with an activator instead of an expensive UV light. This makes it ideal for gluing glass to glass, even opaques, which a UV light glue can't cure. It is great for glass to glass fusing, mosaics, three-dimensional stained glass and jewelry, among other applications. In addition, it's also well suited for gluing metal to glass (like jewelry findings) with fast and easy cleanup. You can even use Triolyse with stone such as granite or marble. Package includes 14ml of activator and 10ml of adhesive.

Please Note: When manufactured the brush bristles are protected with a light coating of wax. It may be necessary to loosen the bristles with rubbing alcohol or by rubbing the bristles with a paper towel.

Using Triolyse is Easy!
Below are some helpful hints for Triolyse from Delphi guest instructor Cheryl Frech:
1. Humidity makes a difference. If you're working in a humid environment, bake your glass and bails in an oven at about 200 - 250 degrees F for 20 to 30 minutes before beginning.
2. Use a diamond engraver point on a rotary tool or glass engraver to rough the surface up where you will be applying glue. Do this to your glass, and to any portion of the finding that will be covered by the glass.
3. Clean both surfaces well with rubbing alcohol. 91% Isopropyl Alcohol will provide the best results.
4. Apply a small amount of the "activator" to both surfaces, then wait at least 15 seconds, but no more than 4 hours to proceed.
5. Apply enough adhesive to evenly coat the bail.
6. Position the bail on the glass and press pieces firmly together for about 15-30 seconds to create a bond.
7. Within 2 minutes, clean away excess adhesive and activator with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.
8. The adhesive fully cures after six hours (or as quickly as 30 minutes if you heat the parts to 150F).
Jewelry artists, watch a quick online video to see how easy it is to secure your bails in place with Triolyse.

The projects in these pictures were all done in a one-day class at the Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Las Vegas. Students were asked to bring a fused element that we would convert into a sculpture, or create a base that will enhance their work. We can see from these examples that the students quickly understood the 3 dimensional possibilities of this versatile glue. The fact that it is non-toxic, sets up in less in 2 minutes and is fully cured in 6 hours encourages spontaneity and creativity. Project images provided courtesy of Boris Chasin. Jewelry pendant by artist Kayleigh Clark.