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Universal Mold Coat Dry Mix - 4oz

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  • Universal Mold Coat is a premium primer - perfect for stainless steel and glazed ceramics
  • Sold in a 4 oz package

Product Description

You'll never look at your dishes the same way again!
Boyce Lundstrom's Universal Mold Coat is a unique formulation that allows you to turn any stainless steel or glazed ceramic dish into a fusing mold. Turn mis-matched dishes or yard sale finds into incredible fusing forms and enjoy a new freedom in creating distinctive glass dishes. Stainless steel doesn't need to be heated and sprayed, simply paint on Universal Mold Coat for uniform coverage. One coat at room temperature is all that is necessary for stainless steel or glazed dishes. 4 oz. dry mix.

Please note: Once you use any dish as a mold, it should not be returned to your kitchen cupboard.

Mixing Information:
Universal Mold Coat is a glass separator that needs to be mixed with latex or acrylic-latex paint and water; any color of interior or exterior acrylic-latex paint will work and only a small amount is needed.

The mixing proportions are 2 parts Universal Mold Coat mix added to 1 part paint and 1 part water.
1/2 Cup  Universal Mold Coat Mix
1/4 Cup  latex paint
1/4 Cup  water

Mix the water and latex paint together then add the powdered Universal Mold Coat. Mix with brush until smooth.

Apply one even coat to your glazed ceramic or stainless steel dish.

Universal Mold Coat usually lasts 3 or 4 firings per application. Sometimes a little extra may be added to a lip of a plate where the glass sits in the rim.

Universal Mold Coat dries hard and tough; it does not rub off after drying. If a small area of your mold gets damaged for any reason, the primer can be patched.

To remove Universal Mold Coat, wash in water using a sponge or ‘scrubby’ pad. Universal Mold Coat will not hurt the surface of the glaze.

Storage and Cleanup:
The ‘shelf life’ of Universal Mold Coat is approximately 4 months after mixing with paint, at which time the primer starts to gel. This primer is sold dry so there is no problem with freezing during shipping.

Universal Mold Coat is made of various particle sizes of refractory oxides. Some are very fine and will create dust. Use standard studio safety practices and wash your hands often when in your studio.


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