Free Jack-O-Lantern KraftyBlok Project Guide

  • Free step-by-step instructions
  • Create custom Halloween lanterns
  • Fast and easy project can be completed in an afternoon
  • Finished project makes a great gift

Set the scene for Halloween fun with this mosaic KraftyBlok lantern. Sure to light up your table or pathway with an eerie glow! By artist Dane Porter.


  • 3-1/5” x 7-3/4” KraftyBlok™
  • Orange Transparent Chips
  • Small Glass Nuggets Assortment
  • Black Glass (optional)
  • Black Glass Tiles
  • Dark Honey Glass Tiles or glass for pumpkin stem
  • Weldbond
Step 1
Step 2
1. Trace the KraftyBlok™ to create a design template and design your jacko-lantern face, or use the free pattern below.
2. Remove label and clean KraftyBlok™ with glass cleaner.
3. Position pattern underneath KraftyBlok™.
4. Cut eyes, nose and mouth. We used the Taurus Ring Saw to create the eye detail, however you could use nipped black tiles instead of cut pieces of black glass.
5. Position features and glue to KraftyBlok™.
Step 5
Step 6
6. Nip orange glass chips using wheeled glass nippers.
7. Select 2 light green, amber or red nuggets to use as spider eyes. We used a sharpie on the back of the nugget to add the pupils. Position according to pattern and glue to KraftyBlok™.
8. Position nipped pieces of glass or tile to create the spider body and pumpkin stem and glue to the KraftyBlok™.
9. Fill in the pumpkin shape using nipped orange glass chips and glue to the KraftyBlok™.
10. Finish by illuminating with an electric tea light or light socket fixture and Krafty stand.