Finley Fusible Hangers - 16 Pack

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  • Allows you to hang fused jewelry easy without gluing bails
  • Add hangers easily to fused sun catchers and wind chimes
  • Sold in a pack of 16
  • Hold up to 5 lbs

Product Description

Tired of making your own hangers to put into your fused pieces? Made from high-temp nickel-chromium metal and able to withstand 2000° F, these hangers will secure your pieces with confidence. These unique shapes will help them to stay put between the fused glass pieces. They will not lose shape during firing and can withstand multiple firings. Hangers change to black when fired. Measures 1" wide and 5/8" high. Sold in a pack of 16.

St. Patrick's Day project by artist Abby Churchill. 

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