21" Half Round Kiln Shelf

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Item# 74210
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  • A fusing essential!
  • Protects the floor of your kiln
  • Shelfs are meant to use as a pair with Kiln Shelf #74370 in between
  • Fits Skutt GM1414, GTS 2541-9 and GTS 2541-13 and Jen-Ken Oval 9 and 13 Kilns in conjunction with Rectangle Kiln Shelf #74370

Available Substitutes

item: 7441
item: 7437
9" Full Kiln Shelf

Product Description

Protect the floor of your larger kiln. Kiln shelves are a must. Use two of these shelves in combination with one #74370 for Evenheat's production kilns GTS 2541-9 #2541RM and GTS 2541-13 #254113R. Please note that kiln shelf may vary in size and shape from listing due to manufacturing process.

Additional images show the types of projects you create on large kiln shelf's as well as how you can fire multiple pieces at once. Geometric platter created by Melanie Churchill. Drop rings and blue platter created by artist Kayleigh Clark.