10" Rimmed Round Bowl Mold

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  • Unique mold creates a cast rim and a draped dish in a single firing
  • Durable ceramic molds can be used many times
  • Embellish your bowl with Delphi Studio Impression Tile Molds sold separately
  • Mold measures 11" diameter x 2-3/4" high

Product Description

Make an impression with your art!
Create unique, sturdy bowls with this innovative mold. The special design allows you to turn scrap glass or frit into a cast glass rim while forming the draped dish from your favorite cut sheet glass in a single firing. Your resulting bowl will be a stunning, thick dish that you can use as a serving dish, salad bowl or home décor. Finished project measures 10" in diameter and is approximately 2" deep.

Get more design options with this mold! Create rims and bases separately and join in a second firing, make rimless dishes by draping only, or add texture with Exclusive Delphi Studio Imprint Molds, sold separately.

Durable, reusable molds can be fired many times. Apply high-temperature kiln wash or casting primer before use.

A Delphi Exclusive!

Delphi Tip: Molds are pre-drilled with vent holes that will allow glass to form smoothly and uniformly to the mold. To ensure proper venting, clear vent holes after each new primer application with a pin before filling mold.

Cut and stack 2 layers of glass, approximately 9-1/2" diameter each to form the bowl. The cutting template can be printed and used or get a more precise cut using a circle cutting tool.

Artist Dane Porter created the bowl using Delphi Studio Crab Impression Tile Mold #24975.

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11" Round Bowl
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