7-1/8" Drop Out Ring Mold

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Product Features

  • Made from quality ceramics to last multiple firings
  • Ceramic molds from Bullseye feature smooth surfaces that accept kiln wash uniformly
  • Mold measures 7-1/8" diameter, inside 3-1/8"

Product Description

Professional Quality Molds
Premium Bullseye molds stand up to repeated use with little maintenance. Ceramic molds from Bullseye feature exceptionally smooth surfaces, accept kiln wash uniformly, and will not crack under repeated usage when handled properly. Individual molds may have slight variations in dimensions shown. Mold measures 7-1/8" diameter, inside 3-1/8".

Use drop ring molds with kiln posts to create vases. Can also be used with small kiln posts to use mold as shallow dish.

Images courtesy of Bullseye Glass. Finished pieces below displayed in Delphi's drop ring stands.

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Pros : Perfect size. Easy to apply kiln wash
Cons : I can't think of any
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