8" Square Drop Out Mold

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Product Features

  • Create custom vases with drop out mold
  • Exterior measures approximately 8" square and interior measure 5" square

Product Description

Use this mold by itself with kiln posts and your glass will "drop" down to create beautiful custom depth vases, bowls or dishes. Ceramic molds accept kiln wash easily and last for repeated firings. Interior measures approximately 5" square. Outside measures 8" square.

Square drop ring and foot drape project image courtesy of Creative Paradise. Stunning vase shown made of Murano Spirit Glass #X4001SF by artist Stephanie O'Toole, image courtesy of Creative Paradise. Artist Melanie Churchill created the dish with dichroic frit and an embossed copper accent. Shown on the wrought iron display stand #81304, sold separately.

Use in conjunction with the 8" square foot drape mold (item# 80736). Fit them together, as shown in additional images, allowing you to drop glass through the ring onto another piece of glass that is simultaneously draping on the foot mold to create a truly elegant and unique vessel. Project image courtesy of Creative Paradise.