Circle-Square Drop-Thru And Foot Mold Set

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Product Features

  • Create dynamic vessels with the drop through mold system
  • Made from high quality ceramic for countless firings!
  • 3 different drop through heights
  • Comes with complete instructions and firing schedule

Product Description

Create an impressive footed vase
Create a drop ring project with its own foot to stand on! This innovative 3-piece system allows you to cast a glass foot that is then paired with a fluted drop ring to create the perfect vessel. The tripod base automatically alights the center of the drop to the center of the wine glass style foot. Simply fill the mold with your favorite glass scrap or frit and fire according to the supplied firing schedule. Once the foot is cast, use a 7" round project with the Drop-Thru system to fire your project and create your own footed vase design. Mold system is adjustable and has three different height positions to create drops of varying heights. Simply turn the ring 1/3 of a revolution to position it at different heights. Highest position creates a vase 4-5/8" high, middle position creates a vase 4-1/2" high and lowest position creates a vase 3-1/2" high. Cast foot is approximately 3-1/4" in diameter. Includes fluted drop-thru ring, tripod drop-thru base, foot casting mold, and complete instructions.

Custom Firing Tips from Randy Wardell - creator of the Drop-Through Mold with Foot System
The Drop-thru firing schedule in the booklet recommends a process target temperature of 1250°F for 30 to 45 minutes hold. That schedule works for many kilns but as we fusers all know, every kiln is different, some run a little cooler or hotter than others. If you use that schedule and the drop does not touch the foot within 30 minutes then move the process target up 10°F to 20°F for the next drop-thru. Keep adjusting until you find the sweet spot in your kiln. BTW: The COE of the glass is not the reason the drop takes longer, it’s the temperature inside the kiln. The only change you may want to make for COE 90 glass is to lower the anneal soak temperature to 900°F as Bullseye recommends. One other thing, if the glass is sticking to the mold you're either using the wrong separator or not applying enough separator (I always recommend ZYP Boron Nitride Spray). Hope this helps. — Randy

Project images courtesy of Wardell Products.