Polar Fuse Molds Mega Assortment - 16 Pack

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  • Includes 4 sets for a total of 16 molds: Steampunk, Travel, Spiritual and Groovy Pendants
  • Groovy Pendants: designs include a peace sign, a heart, a circle and a diamond shape.
  • Spiritual Molds: creates 7 designs including assorted crosses, angel wings, and more.
  • Travel Molds: 11 designs including a train, suitcases, planes, compass, anchor and more.
  • Steampunk Molds: 13 designs include a lock and keys, angel wings, wheels and cogs.

Product Description

Mega Assortment of 16 reusable silicone molds feature multiple designs. Use with glass powders to form glass into 3-D sculptures for fusing. Glass castings can be fired in the microwave kiln. Get the complete collection of Polar Fuse molds at fantastic savings - a total of 35 designs on 16 molds! Silicone molds 2-1/2" each.

To create cast glass designs: Simply mix frit with water, freeze then remove from mold and fire in your microwave or regular kiln to create one-of-a-kind 3D art work.

Silicone molds are for forming glass powder prior to fusing. They are not heat-resistant. Do not use inside any type of kiln. Step by step images courtesy of Diamond Tech, shown using the Groovy Pendants Polar Fuse mold.

1. Mix frit color
3. Freeze
4. Release by gently flexing the mold
5. Fuse
6. Finished! Enjoy your project alone or add it as an accent in fused or mosaic art.

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