MO-RE Spray 'N Fuse Mold Release - 8 Oz

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  • Effective at temperatures up to 1600° F
  • Wet application allows self-leveling of particles
  • Works on stainless steel, ceramic, and casting molds
  • Equipped with anti-clog nozzle
  • Easy spray-on formula - 8 oz

Product Description

New and Improved Formula!
One Release for All Your Projects

This versatile release can be used on stainless steel or ceramic slumping as well as casting molds. Easy spray-on formula with anti-clog nozzle makes applying a uniform coat a breeze. Effective at temperatures up to 1600° F. 8 oz.


  1. Shake can vigorously for 1 min. before use to ensure proper suspension of contents.
  2. Hold can at 45° angle during application and hold 10 to 14 inches away from the mold.
  3. Spray in a swift, sweeping motion beginning off surface of object, continuing off other side.
  4. On needed basis, rotate small objects.
  5. Allow full 5-10 minutes drying time.
  6. Apply a light second coating once first coat has completely dried.
  • This is a self-leveling product; initial application will appear wet.
  • If glass is difficult to release, a full drying time was not applied.
  • If you find the product is leaving 'scum on glass' - too much product has been applied.
  • Once MO-RE is applied to ceramic molds, other primers will no longer be effective.
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