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Chocolate dipped strawberries, cherries and banana glass pendants Jan. 22 2019
California Dreaming glass sun pendants Jan. 22 2019
Mini hollow blown glass jack o lantern candy bucket Oct. 30 2018
Glass pumpkin pendants Oct. 30 2018
Glass rooster figurine Jun. 2 2018
Harry the borosilicate glass horse. May. 20 2018
New Mexico flamming hot sun catcher/pendant. May. 13 2018
New Mexico Red Chile Ristra blown glass May. 12 2018
Two Grey glass cat figurines May. 10 2018
Tony the turtle May. 10 2018
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Gwendolyn’s Glass Gallary
Gwendolyn’s Glass Gallary
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joined:Mar 04, 2018
location:Bloomfield, NM US
display name:Gwenespinosa
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