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Dream Weaver Oct. 1 2021
The Dance Jan. 28 2021
Wish Upon a Star Aug. 22 2020
Khepri Brings in the Sun Aug. 22 2020
The Gingko and the Wren Aug. 22 2020
Goddess of the Moon Aug. 22 2020
Honey Bee Mine Jul. 19 2017
The Hound and The Hare
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Apr. 8 2017
The Queen of Hearts Apr. 8 2017
Paradise Found
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Apr. 6 2017
Koi and Cherry Blossoms
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Apr. 6 2017
Morning Glory
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Apr. 6 2017
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Red Fox Art Glass
Red Fox Art Glass
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joined:Oct 20, 2011
location:COLUMBUS, OH US
display name:pattivonn
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