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My Purple Iris In Spring
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Mar. 1 2014
A Sunset On the Ocean V Fused Glass
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Feb. 28 2014
Sunset On the Ocean IV Fused Glass Windo
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Feb. 28 2014
Red Poppies Fused Glass Candle Bridge
ArtGlass Festival Entry
Feb. 28 2014
Green with Dichroic Trees Hair Barrette Nov. 3 2013
A "Fused Glass Pink Spirit Barrette" Nov. 3 2013
The Green Dish Holds A Purple Flower Oct. 28 2013
A Champagne and Teal Keepsake Box Oct. 28 2013
A New Baby Business Card Holder Oct. 27 2013
Fused Glass Hot Air Balloon Y-O Sep. 4 2013
A "By The Sea Palm Tree" Fused Glass Nig Aug. 3 2013
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