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I am a "late bloomer" and didn't focus on my creative side until after I retired from the mental health field. At the time I lived in Colorado and I began working with painted gourds and gourd and fiber masks. After doing this for several successful years I moved to Florida and gourd art was less popular there. A friend suggested I take a fused glass class with her just for fun. I did and immediately became fascinated with it. This was appx. 6 years ago. I make jewelry, mirrors and wall masks. I have an etsy shop and I work with a local gallery. I am constantly learning new techniques and hopefully improving my skills and designs.
Eccentricity Glassworks
Eccentricity Glassworks
Eccentricity Glassworks's info
joined:Aug 20, 2008
location:STUART, FL US
display name:Eccentricity

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