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Oceanside Rack Pack Glass Pack

Oceanside Rack Pack Glass Pack

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glass pak, August 27, 2009 1 stars
It was shipped quickly. It arrived undamaged It is spectrum glass.
The selection was horrible. When the description said that there would be no more than 5 pieces of one color I expected the same color but not all the exact same piece of glass. I expected some different textures of the same color. The description should have said that you WILL receive 12 - 15 different colors of glass and there WILL be 5 identical pieces of that color. The description states that you will receive at least 24% premium glass. You will. It will all be identical color and texture no variation. Even if I wanted to buy more of any of this glass I can't because there are no catalog or identifying numbers on any of the glass to tell me what to order to match. From what I could tell whoever packed this pulled a sheet off of the shelf cut 5 pieces from it and threw it into the box. Then they repeated this with another sheet. Several of the colors where the most horrible colors I've ever seen in glass.
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Don't buy this glass pack you will be disappointed.
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