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Diamond Max 2 In 1 Grinder

Diamond Max 2 In 1 Grinder

Item# 7390R
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Average Grinder, October 25, 2009 2 stars
The grinder would be good for a beginner or hobbist, but wouldn't suggest it for any serious work or large pieces. The two sizes of grinding bits are useful for projects, but without additions, the smaller bit is almost useless. Quiet until breakdown.
The motor on my grinder broke down, with a fuse that popped. I have had issues finding the size fuse, as the user manual does not specify, but there is an access hatch for the user to get at the fuse. The small bit for grinding is raised well above the surface of the grinder, so it would have to be used with the upper deck attachment, which is virtually unable to be found.
Other Thoughts
I wouldn't use this brand again. It was good for a beginner, but when you are required to contact tech support and have the manufacturer replace something as simple as a blown fuse, which can take around 6 weeks time, it really isn't useful unless you have a very part time and rare use for the machine.
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