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Diamond Elite Bandsaw

Diamond Elite Bandsaw

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Some Solutions, October 17, 2010 4 stars
I have this saw and love it, however my local stained glass supplier did offer some solutions to problems mentioned. They gave me a triangular piece of clear glass that rests in the catch tray under the cutting surface. It acts as a splash guard and catches 90 percent of the water. Also, I've tacked a couple of sponges along the blade's route which also reduces excess water. I keep the water valve half-closed too...there's no need for a constant stream to be spraying everywhere. People who are saying it doesn't cut tight circles may not have the blade guides installed properly. If the blade is not tight up against the white block and the metal guides are holding it perpendicular, there's no way it will cut those tight turns easily. When it's on correctly, it cuts like a dream
changing the blade takes some practice and the instruction manual could be more detailed.
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