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Diamond Elite Bandsaw

Diamond Elite Bandsaw

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artist, October 13, 2013 4 stars
multi-uses, fast, diamond blade very durable. We bought this initially just for stained glass. It proved to be just as advertised. Fast and great for small difficult cuts.
Water ends up on floor, somewhat cheap plastic pieces for the water sources that keep the blade wet while cutting.
Other Thoughts
We purchased this for cutting glass for our stained glass projects. We found it to be perfect for what we purchased it for. That was in 2005. Almost 10 years later it is still running strong and we just recently were renovating our bathroom and had very difficult tile to cut. A tile cutter would have broken the tile. We tried using the XL 3000 to cut the fragile tile and low and behold, it cut it perfect. Next, we tried it with regular tile for some very difficult cuts that a tile cutter would never have been able to get. With a little effort, it managed to cut the tile perfectly. I would have given it 5 stars if we didn't have to change how to catch the water so it doesn't end up on the floor all the time. Great tool!
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