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8 Round Screen Melt System

8" Round Screen Melt System

Item# 96304
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, April 4, 2019 2 stars
8 Square Screen Melt System

8" Square Screen Melt System

Item# 96310
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Needs work, April 4, 2019 2 stars
Beautiful designs
Very difficult to use, glass piled on a flat screen, glass falls off when loading, screen sits on 4 posts that are barely long enough to hold the screen in place . One false move and you end up with pieces of glass spilled all over your kiln !!
Other Thoughts
The screen needs to have an enclosure around it to hold all the stacked up glass. The 12” square and the 8” diameter have it, don’t know why the 8” square doesn’t . Can’t say I recommend this especially with the price tag of around $80 !!!
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