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IZABELLA - SOTO MARE (Under the Sea) Collection presents
#5-711-2SM "SEA TURTLES DANCE" (12" Tack Fused Round with wrought iron Stand)

This extraordinary gallery piece renders you speechless with it's vibrant and vivid colors and artistry of design. A fused glass piece with a the look and style of stained glass. It is a captivating piece of art glass sculpture. One that unquestionably adds a tropical theme to any environment it is displayed in.

The attention to artistic detail is beyond imagination. Created from 6 tack fused layers of glass, and over 500 hand cut pieces of glass and the equivalent of chips, it reflects a majestic rendering of the world beneath our oceans. This is a special treasure certain to please any diver or admirer of the tropical underwater world and it's sea life. It is an heirloom collectors piece to be handed down through the generations as a treasure to be cherished.

Two vivid lime green turtles swim gracefully and care free in and around their brilliant world close to the oceans floor. They are joined in their dance between the pieces of bright orange coral and colorful flowing sea grass by a pair of iridescent fish. A delicate jelly fish hovers above. The oceans bottom sparkles with jewel like stones nestled among the sea shells.

This dimensional piece is sure to captivate anyone as an admirer.

This is a one of kind gallery art piece, signed and numbered by the artist.

Dimensions and Specifics:
The total sculpture on the stand measures: 14.5" H x 13" W x 5.75" D
Total weight approximately 4.5 lbs.
Glass sculpture : 12" Round and approximately 1/2 of inch in thickness at it's highest point..
Stand - 13" W x 5.75 D black powder coat wrought iron providing stability and durability.

Use: Indoor or Outdoor - Kiln fused fired glass melts the glass pieces together to create a finished piece that is essentially one piece of glass. (Not Glued) Prolonged exposure to outdoor elements is not recommended.

Display Suggestions: Many collectors choose to display IZABELLA pieces on window shelves, or with backlighting on entertainment units. Small cordless backlights are inexpensive and readily available at home improvement stores. The use of backlighting will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your piece day, or night adding a special ambiance to your decor.

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