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IZABELLA - SUL MARE (At Sea) Collection presents

#38-0712-7SUL "JUNEGLO" (12" Round Tack Fuse with Wrought Iron Stand)

This is a one of a kind original glass art piece, signed and numbered by the artist Vivian Donnelly

South Florida is worldly recognized as a vacation paradise for it's sparkling turquoise ocean waters, crystal clear blue skies and warm sunshine. From Key West to the south and north to our panhandle the Gulf Coast of Florida offers spectacular views, warm waters and tradewinds that make for a sailing paradise.

This beautiful glass art sculpture renders a graceful sailboat named the "JUNEGLO" out enjoying a perfect day to sail.

The scene sets itself on clear aqua blue gulf waters on a beautiful clear sun shining day. Tradewinds blowing just enough to fill the sails and moving the "JUNEGLO" gracefully through the waters enjoying the view of one of our many small out islands.

Tropical palms and rare blooms are set in the forground of a small beach area. The backround features Dichroic glass reflecting what I invision would be the morning sunrise welcoming in a brand new day.

Fresh, beautiful, and light with lots of transparancy, this sculpture is nautical, uplifting and completely a breath of fresh air. I created this sculpture for June Powell to reflect the inspiration, and character of the beautiful lady she is. Thus I have named it "Juneglo". I hope you will enjoy it for generations to come.

Fused Glass Frit
Art Contest
2012 entry
Frit Used: 90 coe
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