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IZABELLA - I ANIMALI (The Animals) Collection presents

#6-711-1IA "PANAMA" (12" Round Tack Fused Glass Art Sculpture with Stand)

This is a one of a kind, original art piece, numbered and signed by the artist.

"PANAMA" is IZABELLA ART GLASS's marque, logo and trademark piece. It is without a doubt the most cherished piece in the IZABELLA'S Art Glass Collection. It is being offered for sale under restrictive conditions. These are that all ALL RIGHTS to this design and IT'S USE be retained only and exclusively by IZABELLA ART GLASS and myself Vivian Donnelly as the artist.

I apologize for these conditions, however, if you can not appreciate and accept these terms, I simply ask that you do not purchase this distinctive original.

In the beginning days, IZABELLA ART GLASS was seeking a mark, a symbol that would inspire, represent our talents, show our colors, and be an exceptional example of the attention paid to the tedious details that have become so well known in our unique original tack fused glass art pieces. A distinctive mark that would set us apart from all other artists, and would make IZABELLA workmanship easily recognized.

One day, while walking through the woods behind my studio with my 4 dogs, counting my many blessings and simply enjoying the beauty of nature as it surrounded me, I happen to look up into the trees. Before me was this exceptionally beautiful creature. Bright lime green and studded with shades of turquoise blue., he was resting peacefully on a tree branch, basking in the warm sunlight. I immediately knew that he "THE IGUANA" was going to be representative of IZABELLA ART GLASS and was to become our recognized mark. I named him "PANAMA", and so it has been.

In excess of 350 counted pieces of hand cut glass and over 24 hours cutting and piecing labor created this beautiful and colorful art piece of tack fused glass. It offers a representation of almost 30 years of glass cutting and glass art experience. This piece of art glass is multi-dimensional, cut in a stained glass fashion, and incorporates 5 layers of glass to create it's incredible dimension and detail. All this expertly fired to retain it's form and intricate design.

"PANAMA" is featured against the backdrop of a streaky deep turquoise sky, nestled amongst the bromeliad plants with their bright red blooms and small delicate white wild orchids. "PANAMA" represents an element of our tropical wildlife whos gentle undisturbing nature, and vividly unique beautiful combination of colors is admired by many.

Of all of the IZABELLA ART GLASS pieces, "PANAMA" is undoubtedly considered the most colectible.

Dimentions and Specifics:

The total sculpture on the stand measures: 14.5" H x 13" W x 5.75" D

Total weight approximately 4 lbs.

Glass sculpture : 12" Round and approximately an overall average of1/2 of inch in thickness.

Stand - 13" W x 5.75 D black powder coat wrought iron metal providing stability and durability.

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