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IZABELLA - I ANIMALI (The Animals) Collection presents

#15-911-2IA "HUMMINGBIRD LANE" (12" Round Tack Fused Glass Art Sculpture with Wrought Iron Stand)

Ahh, but the enchantment these magnificent creatures of God's creation brings to all of us. Rarely seen, and always a treasure to behold, these elusive and magnificent spoon size birds, have always been admired by man.

Iridescent in their bright emerald color. Fast appearing and disappearing., to see one is always a treasured moment. Often seen along the path, seeking the sweet nector from the colorful flowers in our gardens, yet in a blink, they are gone. For these reasons, the hummingbird has always been a favorite and a collectible for many.

The extensive use of dichroic and iridescent glass in this piecce is the only means to an attempt to recreate the hummingbird's true beauty. Iridescent emerald greens, aside crimson red contrasst clear iridescent sparkling wings. The simplistic overall design of this beautiful piece enhances the true beauty of the hummingbird's colors. This sculpture is charmed by contrasting beautiful deep cobalt blue petaled glowers and small exotic tropical orange orchid like blooms. The background sky is created in a subtle turquoise dusting adding demension of depth to this airy and light glass sculpture while the transparencey of the piece shows all of the magnificent colors.

Dimensions and Specifics:

The total sculpture on the stand measures: 14.5" H x 13" W x 5.75" D

Total weight approximately 3.5 lbs.

Glass sculpture : 12" Round and approximately 3/8 of inch in thickness.

Stand - 13" W x 5.75 D black powder coat wrought iron providing stability and durability.

Use: Indoor or Outdoor - Kiln fused fired glass melts the glass pieces together to create a finished piece that is essentially one piece of glass. (Not Glued) Prolonged exposure to outdoor elements is not recommended.

Display Suggestions: Many collectors choose to display IZABELLA pieces on window shelves, or with back lighting on entertainment units. Small cordless back lights are inexpensive and readily available at home improvement stores. The use of back lighting will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your piece day, or night adding a special ambiance to your decor.

Care and Cleaning: Recommend- Clean and handle as you would your finest crystal. Remove from stand and spray with white vinegar and water or any non-soap glass cleaner as soap tends to leave a residue. Gently pat dry with clean soft dry cloth.

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