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"COUNTRYSIDE RAINBOW" #44-1112-12 TD is the 12th piece created in the TESORI di DIO collection.
It is a fused glass sculpture with a stained glass style of intricate cuts, detail and definition.

An enchanting contemporary colorful scene renders the simple beauty of a drive through the country sometime around
sunset and seeing a brilliant colorful rainbow high above in the sky.

For many Americans "taking a drive" has been a long enjoyed venture throughout our history. Be it a cross country vacation,
or a simple escape from the stresses and confusions of daily life, these escapes always envigor, relax, and offer clearness
of ones senses and mind.

This scene pays tribute to the many miles of open countryside throughout our beautiful USA. Pasturelands abound, and the
panoramas of rolling fields come together to create tapestries of vibrant colors for our eyes to behold. In this rendering,
beyond a silhouette of trees, the horizon offers a sunset, it's glowing warmth reflected on the trees while high above in the sky
the majesty of an iridescent rainbow infuses ones spirit with the promise of tranquility, peace and beauty in days to come.

This is an original one of a kind art glass sculpture signed, and numbered by the artist.

Dimensions and Specifics:
The total sculpture on the stand measures: 14.5" H x 13" W x 5.75" D
Total weight approximately 3.5 lbs.
Glass sculpture : 12" Round and approximately 3/8 of inch in thickness.
Stand - 13" W x 5.75 D black powder coat wrought iron providing stability and durability.

Use: Indoor or Outdoor - Kiln fused fired glass melts the glass pieces together to create a finished piece that is essentially one piece of glass. (Not Glued) Prolonged exposure to outdoor elements is not recommended.

Display Suggestions: Many collectors choose to display IZABELLA pieces on window shelves, or with back lighting on entertainment units. Small cordless back lights are inexpensive and readily available at home improvement stores. The use of back lighting will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your piece day, or night adding a special ambiance to your decor.

Care and Cleaning: Recommend- Clean and handle as you would your finest crystal. Remove from stand and spray with white vinegar and water or any non-soap glass cleaner as soap tends to leave a residue. Gently pat dry with clean soft dry cloth.                                            


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