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Cabinets for grandchildren


I have five grandchildren and through the years I have made five hanging cabinets with stained glass panels in them.  All the cabinets, which are all solid wood,  came from garage sales and none cost more than $10.  In fact, most of them were $5 or less.  If they needed refinishing, I did that.  And then came the fun part.  Making small panels to replace the glass. ( Some of them were pretty cheap because the glass was missing.  But that was fine with me.)  The idea for the first cabinet came from the book Hodgepodge by Bev Diaczuk.  I did not follow the exact pattern because my real bottles were different.  But I thought it was  a cute idea.  The pattern for the second cabinet was from Flowerscapes In Glass by Donna Schulze.  The other patterns were free internet patterns.  I've had fun making these and hope they inspire others.

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2017 entry
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