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Motorcycle Windchime


I took a fusing class recently and one of our assignments was to do kiln carving.  I ride a motorcycle and thought a silhouette of a motorcycle would be great for this project!  I took the project a step further by adding frit flames that fade from yellow to orange to red.  I added large black irridescent frit 'studs' along the edge of the main section.

On the 'chimes', I reused the frit flames fading red to orange, as well as black glassline flames to tie in bikers favorite color: black.  Inbetween the chimes are small square adventurine blue glittery squares which inspired me to get glass glitter beads for assembly.  

While I was assembling this, the class took pause to watch my delicate frit work.  When the piece was completed, the owner of the shop that offered the glasses made me unwrap my piece 3 times to show it to her coworkers and complimented it was the most creative piece they'd seen.  

My finished assembled piece stands about 10" wide by 2.5' tall.  It hangs proudly on my front porch and has a deep 'ting' sound when the wind blows.  

Material used:
Art Glass Festival 2017 entry
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