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This 3 ft high, 12" square base and top lantern was made in November 2015 for the inaugral Art of Illumination lantern display at our local art museum, the Cameron.  Each participant sent the museum plans for their lantern entry.  This was a tough one because my plan included using regular oak framing made for stained glass as the mechanism to hold the panels in place.   I miscalculated the depth of each side and ended up having to use carving tools to enlarge the routed space.  The lantern is composed of stained glass, fused glass, bevels, glass rods, hand-made tiles, lots of solder, and had to use the same LED lighting fixture as all the other lantern entries.  It took over a month to build one section at a time.  Each side is a different design.  I was especially pleased when it won 3rd place at the show.   This photo was taken at the museum. My first lantern currently resides in an artist community of which I am a member, theArtWorks, in Wilmington, NC.

Material used:
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