Saturday Afternoon

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Saturday after Noon is a titilateingly seductive painting by Edson Compos. This painting of total relaxation is a picture that captured me at first site. I usualy stand back from recreating another artist work but in this case.. I have used Streakies Brown glass for a true representation of the wooden floor. Dense Whites were used for the 2 outside circles which represent the sun passing the after noon away, and the dress is also dense white. Her skin is Bullseye, Skin tone and the upper portion is Clear Iridized glass allowing sunlight to pass through giveing life and different shades to the background.

The frame encloses the entire pictures back and front it is the craftmenship of Jumpin James who created this frame specialy for this work. We hope that u enjoy and thank u for comeing.

     Kgcharacter & Jumping James