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Fused Glass Insects


Fused glass insects with dichroic scrap accents and copper/high temperature wire.


These insects were inspired by my love of gardening, which I recently discoverd when I purchased my first home. Not only is it a way for me to relax and escape the pressures of work, school, and renovating the house; it's also a way for me to re-connect with nature. I love observing the bees, ladybugs, and other insects that inhabit my flower bed. I especially enjoy watching the ants carrying rose petals across the garden, and the occasional praying mantis hiding in the leaves.


Although the insects I create are inspired by nature, I often use more vibrant colors and different color combinations to give them a more whimsical feel. Some of the bugs have curled antenae, which can be used to hold a photograph or similar item.


Nicole Phillippe, 2010

Ring Of Fire Contest 2011 entry
Item Used: Dichroic Scrap
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